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Tuesday, 5/2/2017

Missions Conference

2 Corinthians 5: 11-20

This Sunday we will be celebrating our 61st Annual Missions Conference. I have ironically been asked to speak. I say ironically because I have not always been the biggest fan of “Missions.” The stereotype of an affluent white person swooping into a developing country, imposing our American and often capitalistic and imperialistic views, while ignoring the rich history and tradition of the native people is not entirely undeserved.

Throughout history, missionaries have spread God’s world across the globe to peasants and kings alike. But missionaries also gave smallpox infected blankets to North American Indigenous People. They traveled with conquistadores while they exploited south American people for their gold and captured them into slavery. The missionaries spending equal time promoting catholicism, Spanish values and ignoring the terrible ways their soldier brethren treated other members of god creation. This isn’t middle-ages specific, this goes on even today.

But I have come to find out that Missions isn’t bad there (just like in all things) just some bad missions. Because Missions is spreading the Good News of God’s Kingdom. Of how Jesus Christ came to prepare the way for the coming of that Kingdom.

And do not be discouraged, because I am not. The irony of this is that someone who usually hears “I Am Africa” from the Book of Mormon when missions are talked about, God has called me to the mission field. This week and on Sunday we will see new and exciting ways that God is calling all of us to the mission field.