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Friday, 5/5/17


Colossians 3:12-17

If you follow the link above this will give you three versions of this scripture: the New Revised Standard Version which we use in church; the Message  which is a modern translation in common language; the Common English Bible, a newer translation that I happen to like very much; and the good old King James. Take a moment to read the four version and see how they differ on some of the wording. How do these changes alter the way we talk. For instance, the KJV uses “Charity” where the NRSV (and the others) use “Love.” Are these words different? do they mean different things? Do they change the meaning of the passage. *For extra credit, take a look at the Greek translation and see how the meaning differs. (If you’re not in seminary, there isn’t a need to do this aside from hurting your brain.)

Paul reminds us that we need to actively “put on” a few things each day. There is an acknowledgment that they may not be natural. We need to be deliberate in forgiveness. This is not easy, but a necessity. Remember “the Lord as forgiven you, so you also must forgive.” (ver 13) The most important thing is LOVE or charity if you are reading the King James. As we move into Missoins Sunday, we should remember that another word for charity is love. What does it mean to give love to those in need?

Even is there is conflict, Christ is in all of us and we need to treat each other with respect and at the end of the day, we should worship together.