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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Matthew 11:25-30 Come to Me for Rest

There is an old rhyme some of our kid’s teachers used to use to get their students attention: “1,2,3, Eyes on me.”  That’s what Jesus means here in Matthew 11:25-27. If you want to see the Father, fix your eyes on Jesus. If you want to know what God is doing in this universe put your gaze on the Son. If you want to be part of it, you have to enter through Jesus, for all things are committed to Jesus. Disciples must set their minds on Christ alone (Hebrews 12:1, Colossians 3:1-4).

Surprisingly these secrets are revealed to little kids and hidden from the so-called wise. Professors miss it, four year olds find it old hat. That’s just the way God rolls. The humble are exalted, the lofty brought down. Winners don’t really win. The weary do. The self-reliant loose but the losers win. It is not the self-sufficient but those who humbly wait on God who find themselves soaring up on eagles’ wings. (Isaiah 40:28-31)

Come to me says Jesus. All you tired, worn out, broken-backed and beaten up. Jesus seeks the overburdened, worn out, exhausted and unlearned. He invites the humbled, the downtrodden, those who know that dependence is not a failure, but the only way to live. Come to me, Jesus says. We will be like a team of oxen yoked together. I will pull your weight, draw you along. I will keep you in the field and on the track. Learn from me, Jesus says, for I am the same kind of humble and gentle I am calling you to be.

It is there in what Dallas Willard calls the ‘easy yoke’ that we find freedom. Tied to Jesus we find rest. Working by tirelessly waiting on Jesus, our strength is renewed. This gospel is so upside down. All the action is in the waiting. The waiting is the working. It starts by coming to Jesus. Surrender is not giving up, but giving over. He is God, you are not. Rest is the product of reliance. God loves our dependence. You don’t need to know how to do it. He will show you. Day by day, He will teach you, lead you and direct you. So come to Jesus. Don’t delay, your rest is waiting.

Here we are Jesus. We are weary and burdened. We come to you for rest. Renew our souls. We set our burdens down and step in the yoke. We let go of our need to control things, to earn things, and to know things. Teach us, remake us and walk with us. We wait on you, our eyes are fixed on you. You are the desire of our hearts. Come make us new. In your name, amen.