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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Isaiah 30:15-21 Wait for the God Who Waits for You

I don’t know about you, but I read Isaiah 30:15 and long to sit my tired self down in these words and take a nap. Our part of accomplishing God’s rescue is to rest. Our job is to turn to God, settle down in Christ and get quiet. Relish that for a moment. In this rest God makes us mighty.  That is the beautiful invitation to life with God.

Sadly, Israel was not willing. So often, neither are we. We’d rather trust in our own wisdom, strength, abilities and experience. (Isaiah 30:16) Resting seems too easy. Quietness feels too sedentary. Returning to God in repentance relinquishes our beloved driver’s seat and trust is just plain hard. Unwilling to wait, we refuse our rest and decline God’s invitation. Instead of rescue and might, we flee alone in fear, defeated. (Isaiah 30:17) I for one, do not want to live this way anymore. God doesn’t want me too either.

Mercifully, God is not worn out by our sin but patiently waits to offer grace (Isaiah 30:18). Although repeat offenders God refuses to give up on us. The Lord waits to grace us. Jesus expects to lavish us with favor. God longs to show us undeserved favor. His free grace is only received by turning from self to God. We must trust God without trying to earn it. That means quietly resting in the Lord, settling down in the love and goodness of God. God waits for us to wait for Him, and in our waiting promises to bless me.

Though it be longer than expected, God will wait to bless us until we’re ready to receive it. “Be assured that if God waits longer than you could wish, it is only to make the blessing doubly precious.” The Lord knows that waiting on God means knowing God.  Knowing God is what we were made for. “Our being kept waiting on Him is the only way for our learning to find our life and joy in Himself.” Quietness and rest is our rescue. God waits to prove it to us.

When we need help, God promises to grace us at the sound of our cry. The Lord does not play hide and seek. (Isaiah 30:19-20) While waiting on God is a life long task, we will be divinely powered and directed, because waiting is how we hear God speak. (Isaiah 30:21) If you’ve every wondered how you can learn to hear the voice of God, quiet reliance in waiting is the secret. Depend on God and expect Him to make you mighty.  Wait on the God who waits for you.

Dear Lord we get quiet before you now. No excuses. No striving. No worrying. We wait for you. We rest in you. We turn to you. We expect you. Thank you for waiting for us. Come grace us with rescue and speak to us with words of life. Amen.