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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Isaiah 26:1-15 Yes Lord, We Wait For You!

This is the song of victory, and it is the song we are to sing with our lives. We are a city that God has built on the foundation of the prophets and apostles (Ephesians 2:19-20, Revelation 21:1-14). The gates are commanded to open for us, for those who are righteous. This is immediately worrisome, for the Bible repeatedly declares that no one is righteous before God. (Romans 3:1-26; Ps 14:1–3; 53:1–4; 143:2; Ecclesiastes 7:20) How then, can we, unrighteous as we are, enter this magnificent city? There is only one way to do that, only one way to be considered righteous: surrendering your life to the Lord and living with complete dependence upon God. That is what it means to keep faith to Yahweh.

God’s deliverance is the wall that keeps us safe. Yahweh created humans for entire dependance upon their God. That is why trust is such a paramount emphasis of scripture (Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 3, 9, 25, etc.). We are to believe that God is who He says, can do what He promises, to rely on His word and have faith in the Lord’s faithfulness. We rely on the Lord to defend us from trouble and to fight all our battles (Isaiah 26:4-7; Chronicles 20). Depending on God means walking in the ways of being God has shown to be just and good (Isaiah 26:8). This kind of trust leads us to expect God to show up. That’s what it means to wait on God.

Waiting on God is a way of life. God brings us though times of waiting for particular things in order to train us to make waiting on God the very disposition of our soul. Waiting in prayer positions us in a posture of rest, saturating us with dependence upon God. We don’t wait for God to do something, we wait for God to do everything. We learn then that what we are waiting for is not the outcome, the provision or the direction. We are waiting, expecting and longing for God Himself.

The soul-disposition of waiting on God fills us with peace. God’s peace is not mere acquiescence to the inevitable or accepting reality. Peace is wellness of soul and steadiness of mind. It is a divine quietness radiating with joy no matter the circumstance. Peace is all about trust and dependence, the way we both enter and dwell in God’s salvation-city.

We cannot force peace, it is a gift. We can pray for it, but peace comes not merely by asking but rather by positioning ourselves to live by resting the weight of our life squarely on the shoulders of Jesus. The secret to the all-surpassing peace of Christ that guards our heart and mind is in fact dwelling daily in the presence of Jesus. The more we stand up and walk out of self-reliance and climb into a position of rest in God, the more the peace prevails. That is the way the city is built. God is the wall we trust in, the righteousness we walk in and the salvation we wait for.

Oh Lord we relinquish our self-reliance and depend entirely on you. You are our defense, our righteousness, our way and our life. You are our desire and we wait expectantly for you to show up. We need provision. We need rescue. We need direction. But more than all, we need and wait for you. Thank You Jesus. Amen.