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Saturday, November 11, 2017

(Happy Veterans Day)

Becoming Truly Human

Ephesians 2.1 – 10

Paul is talking about resurrection here. This is nothing less than resurrection from the death that has enslaved us since our first parents sinned. In Christ, we are resurrected and empowered to be the human beings God created us to be. Our relationship with God has been restored, as well as our relationship with one another. As new creations in Christ, we experience true humanity; we are no longer dehumanized nor do we dehumanize others. But we know that this is the ideal, it is not always the reality. This falls under the category of the “already/not yet.” In Romans 7, Paul says that when it comes to sin we have the “can’t-help-its.” We want to do the right thing but that’s not what we do. We are still slaves to the sin (Romans 7.21 – 25).

Our resurrection in Christ gives us a new nature, one that is at war with our sinful nature. We may have the “can’t-help-its,” but we also have resurrection power that equips and empowers us to battle the forces that seek to dehumanize and defeat us, including our own sinful nature. Paul’s use of military imagery in Ephesians 6.10 – 17 highlights the importance fighting in our life in Christ. He also urges us to work out our salvation (Philippians 2.12, 13). We are called to fight and to work. These are no easy tasks, but the God who saved us when we were dead in our trespasses and sins is also the God who is for us. And if God is for us, no one and no thing can succeed against us (Romans 8.31 – 39).

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for being for us and raising us to new life in Christ. May we have confidence that this new life and your love for us ensure our victory over sin and Satan. In Jesus’ name, Amen.