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Seeking to equip people to live as Christian disciples wherever God has placed them.

Small Groups

The idea of small group ministry is to help ALL members engage with their faith in a tangible way. It will also help build the community that people are longing for. It is designed for all people to spend a short but meaningful time with other members of the Grace Family; some they know well, some they don’t; in study, prayer, mutual uplifting and maybe some light worship. This will be an undertaking, but will bear wonderful fruits.


For five weeks we will gather a group of 12 Leaders for an introductory small group. These will be people who will go on to lead at least our first round of small group sessions. They will meet with Nick for five Tuesdays from April 24-May 22. We will use the Small Group Leader Training Program. It features written guides and video resources to teach us about how best to lead small groups. (Watch this video)

  • June 21: Welcome; Session #1 and discussion/activity
  • June 28: Session #2 and discussion/activity
  • July 12: Session #3 and discussion/activity
  • July 19: Session #4 and discussion/activity
  • July 26: Session #5 and discussion/activity; Wrap Up


The twelve leaders from our first study will help pick a 6-8 week study for the fall beginning in October (I have a few suggestions). They will also be in charge of defining what their small group is going to be, when and where it will meet. (For instance, it can be people that like to hike that meets Saturday Mornings at Garret Mountain. They hike for a little and then do the small group study on the mountain top. OR Teachers that meet at the Office at 4pm on Tuesdays OR Youth that meet for breakfast at the church on Sunday Mornings.)


This will all be planned at the end of our spring session. We will make a push for sign ups all September. There should be 12 groups of 12 or 144 people of all ages, genders, and place in the congregation.