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15-10-2017Martin Luther: The Freedom of a ChristianPaul Leggett
08-10-2017Martin Luther: Justified by FaithPaul Leggett
01-10-2017Martin Luther: Here I StandPaul Leggett
24-09-2017The Promise of God’s New WorldPaul Leggett
17-09-2017The Victory of Jesus ChristN/A
10-09-2017Pictures of Evil: The Beast, False Prophet and the Dark MotherPaul Leggett
03-09-2017Trumpets and LightningPaul Leggett
27-08-2017This is Salvation Day!Margo Walter
20-08-2017The Lion of JudahPaul Leggett
13-08-2017Yes Lord, We Wait for You!Timothy Osborne
18-10-2017Perfect WorshipNorma Prescott
30-07-2017You Make Me SickPaul Leggett
23-07-2017Patient EndurancePaul Leggett
16-07-2017Wake Up!Paul Leggett
09-07-2017Searching Minds and HeartsPaul Leggett
02-07-2017Radical HospitalityNick Wallwork
25-06-2017The Sharp Two-Edged SwordPaul Leggett
18-06-2017Conquering in AdversityPaul Leggett
11-06-2017Alive Forever and EverPaul Leggett
04-06-2017Are Your Ears Awake???Margo Walter
28-05-2017Revelation 1:17-20Nick Wallwork
21-05-2017The Ruler of the Kings of the EarthThe Rev. Paul Leggett
14-05-2017Are We Worthless?Nick Wallwork
08-05-2017Education. Worship. Reconciliation.Nick Wallwork
30-04-2017Nurtured in Tradition 125th Anniversary Worship ServiceDr. Craig Barnes
28-04-2017125th Anniversary Music CelebrationN/A
23-04-2017Gospel Service – Not Enough BooksPaul Leggett
16-04-2017My Lord and My GodPaul Leggett
16-04-2017From Mourning to MorningMargo Walter
09-04-2017How Not to FearPaul Leggett
02-04-2017Your Brother Will Rise AgainPaul Leggett
01-04-2017Joseph Leggett’s Memorial ServiceMargo Walter
26-03-2017Never LostRev. Paul Leggett
19-03-2017The Life of the WorldThe Rev. Paul Leggett
05-03-2017My Name is on a StoneMargo Walter
25-02-2017You Will be AstonishedPaul Leggett
19-02-2017The Shadow of Emmett TillPaul Leggett
12-02-2017The Desperate FatherPaul Leggett
05-02-2017The Dry WomanPaul Leggett
29-01-2017How Can These Things Be?Paul Leggett
22-01-2017Jesus’ PartyPaul Leggett
18-10-2017Do You Know What it Means?N/A
08-01-2017Jesus Moves In: Laughing at GodRalph Acerno