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Seeking to equip people to live as Christian disciples wherever God has placed them.

Youth Ministries


Everyone ages 12-18 are welcome to all Grace Presbyterian Youth Programs. However, we are asking youth to join us by committing to becoming a member of our community. As a member of our community you will be asked to further your faith in Jesus. You will become grafted into our greater community. You will serve the church and the world.

As a member you will engage in your faith in the following ways:

  • Service: Each student will engage in community service. There will be 20 hours required throughout the year. Ten of these hours of service will be to the greater Montclair (?) community. This can be through MESH or IHN or similar service opportunities planned through Grace Youth Ministries. A second ten hours will be for the church. This can be painting or cleaning closets or helping with the Deacons Garage Sale or Mission Conference.
  • Worship: All students will participate in worship in various ways from reading scripture to offering music to writing prayers.
  • Mentors: Each student will be paired with an older member of the church who will serve as a spiritual mentor. Mentors will have opportunities to join with students on several occasions facilitated as part of? youth group and on their own. All Mentors will fill out an application and meet regularly with the Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry.
  • Education: Grace Presbyterian Church believes strongly that the Word of God is central to our faith. We will explore this most during regular Sunday School classes. We ask that students attend at least ¾ of the classes each year (about 30). This isn’t about rules, but about getting together and exploring scripture. This year, Sunday School will be led by Nick, Joan and Al.
  • Fellowship: Almost every time Jesus teaches, he then eats with the people he was teaching. Fellowship with other believers or seekers is imperative to the Christian life. Each week (for the most part) we will gather on Friday Night from 6-8. We will share a meal and discuss our spiritual journeys. Again, we are asking that you attend about 20 Friday Fellowships
  • Retreats: Getting away is good for all people. As a group, we will offer a few opportunities to get away as a group. It is important that members of our join us for these trips. Experts say that groups achieve cohesion after seventeen straight hours together. Retreats help us in that goal.
  • Covenant: Part of growing together is commitment. We will tangibly commit to our time together by signing the Youth Covenant.  

Not everyone who attends our youth program has to join. Friends are always welcome and encouraged. Members of the Youth Program don’t need to be children of Grace Presbyterian Members. It is open to all who want to join.

So take some time to prayerfully consider committing to joining our community.