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Friday, September 14, 2018

“What Will Happen”

Ps. 105:26-36

Here the psalmist is stating that Egypt’s oppression of Israel will not go unpunished.  The people of Israel were suffering.  Time and again they had cried out to the Lord.  It seemed that God did not hear them.  Yet God was listening.  God had not abandoned them.

The psalmist now gives a capsule account of the events leading up to Israel’s release from slavery.  God sends Moses and Aaron “whom he had chosen.”  An enormous amount is communicated in those brief words.  Moses was in no way seeking to be the deliverer of Israel.  In fact he asked the Lord to send somebody else (Ex. 4:13).  Aaron’s leadership skills come into question in the issue of the golden calf.  The call of Moses and Aaron brings out basic concerns in the whole area of leadership.

What this section makes clear is that God is the author of the Exodus.  It is God who brings darkness out of light, who turns the Nile into blood, who gives hail for rain and strikes down the Egyptians’ vines and fig trees.  It is finally God who strikes down the firstborn in the land.

While this may all seem severe to our ears we have to remember that God’s focus in all this is not primarily on the people of Egypt or even Pharaoh.  This is finally a spiritual battle.  God is passing judgment on all the gods of Egypt (Ex. 12:12).

We tend to divide life into compartments.  There is ourselves as individuals.  Then there are our family, our friends, our work place, school and also our church.  We often try to separate our intellect from our emotions, our perception from our experience.

In the Exodus God deals with the totality of life, the individual, the communal, the political and the spiritual.  We can distinguish these aspects of life but we can never separate them.  We need to recognize God at the center of our lives.

Merciful and gracious God I praise you that you are the determining force not only in history but in all of my life.  May I seek to glorify you in all that I do.  I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen