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Friday, December 14, 2018

Luke 3:7-18

REFLECTION A colleague always addresses the infant after he has baptized her, saying, “Little child, you belong to God; you always have and you always will, and now the mark of Christ is upon you” It is the meaning of this mark that John called his followers to embrace. John wanted to ensure that those who had followed him into the wilderness were aware of the serious life-altering consequences of being baptized. John cautioned folks truly to understand the demands placed upon them once they had been marked. And he cautioned the crowds about the one who was still to come, Jesus the Messiah, whose baptizing and call would be changing you from the inside out” (v. 16 The Message). This is what the church of Jesus Christ believes about baptism today We are cleansed, renewed, and changed forever. We believe we are sent from the font to serve.


RESPONSE How has your baptism marked your life?

PRAYER God of water and life, the waters of my own baptism are always a fresh reminder of your renewing presence in my life. Amen.