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How Can We Keep From Singing?

SUNDAY- Psalm 98

There are roughly 292 references to singing in Bible: 188 in the Old Testament and 30 in the New Testament. Sixty six psalms reference making “voice-music,” but many more reference making instrumental music with harp, lyre, cymbals and horns. We should pay close attention to our singing. Part of humanity’s purpose, along with all creation, is “to make a joyful noise to the Lord” (Psalm 98:4). When we remember God’s steadfast love and faithfulness, what else would we do but “break forth into joyous song and sing praises” (v. 4)? The sea, floods and hills will be joining in, roaring and clapping and singing along with us. Creation won’t worry whether it’s hit the correct note or if it can follow the music properly. Creation won’t focus its energy trying to figure out why a good and powerful God allows suffering. So why would we? When the church remembers its story and its identity and its call, the church won’t be able to keep from singing. We will offer our part in the chorus of praise and joy at God’s presence. When we sing our praise, confession, and thanks, we will remember who we are and where we have been, but we won’t fear the God who is coming to judge the earth, because God will judge it with righteousness and equity.