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“Whoever is Not against Us is For Us”

Mark 8:22-26

This is the second example of what appears to be an unusual approach to healing on the part of Jesus.  Similar to what we saw yesterday, a blind person this time, is presented to Jesus with a request for healing.  Specifically the request here is that Jesus touch the man (v. 22). 

Once again Jesus takes the person off by himself. There is something especially private about these healings.  When Jesus touches us he wants our full attention.  This may be why in these cases he goes off alone with the person he is about to heal.

Just as Jesus put saliva on the tongue of the man who was deaf, this time he puts the saliva in the man’s eyes.  Once again we see Jesus touching a sick person in an intimate way.  Jesus touches the man in the area of his weakness just as he had done with the first man.

So what is different about this healing?

The difference lies in the fact that the healing this time takes place in two stages. In the example we saw yesterday Jesus touched the person’s ears and tongue and he was fully healed immediately.  In this case there is only a partial healing at first.  The blind man sees shapes but they are not distinct.  He sees people but they look like trees walking.  Jesus then touches the man again and this time his sight was fully restored.  Why did Jesus have to touch the man twice?

The lesson to be learned here is that while Jesus heals and restores completely the healing may not occur all at once.  Why the delay?  Is it a test of faith?  We don’t fully know.  The fact that Jesus doesn’t heal or completely answer our prayers all at once may be intended to give us a lesson in dependency.  We need to depend on him continually

Jesus will heal us but it may not happen all at once.  In fact in some cases it may take a lifetime.

Loving and merciful God may I be touched and healed by your hand.  Give me patience knowing that I may have to be touched more than once.  Prepare me for the fact that in your coming kingdom there will be no mourning, crying or pain.  I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.