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Seeking to equip people to live as Christian disciples wherever God has placed them.

Mission Statement

Our mission is all about community and how we respond to God’s Word. That’s why, seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ led by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to be:

  • A worshipping community, responding in adoration to the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ by offering to our Lord all that we are, have, and do.
  • A welcoming community, seeking the grace of openness to extend equally to all people the fellowship of the church in the spirit of Jesus Christ.
  • A nurturing community, continually striving to deepen our communion with God and to develop relationships that build unity and encourage and sustain us in our Christian walk.
  • An equipping community, stimulating people of all ages and circumstances to discover in Holy Scripture the riches of God’s love that lead to maturity in faith, spiritual life, and service.
  • A witnessing community, empowered by the Holy Spirit to engage people locally and internationally with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the sake of God’s Kingdom.