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Day Camp – July 8-12

This summer, Grace is expanding our VBS to a full day program. During the week of July 8-12, from 9 am to 3 pm, we are partnering with Camp Johnsonburg to provide a week that brings outdoor ministry and congregational ministry together. Day Camp is for children aged 6-12. The cost is $75 a camper.

What is Grace Day Camp
It is a weeklong unique blend of outdoor ministry and congregational ministry. It is a joint effort between the camp and the congregation. This is not a VBS, its camp! Johnsonburg on the Road is designed for young people aged 6-12.

We will not be providing a preschool program this year so that we can focus on Day Camp.

Camp Johnsonburg will provide programming staff and Grace Presbyterian Church will provide wonderful volunteers to spend time with the children.

The curriculum is Christ-centered and activity based, which encourages hands-on learning.

The purpose of the Grace Day Camp provides a quality Christian outdoor ministry experience at the local church.

The strength of Day Camp is people. Kids love the staff! The Johnsonburg staff teams are comprised of young adults who are selected for their Christian commitment and love of children. They are trained to lead Bible studies, worship, songs, crafts and wild and zany recreation. It is relational ministry and our emphasis is to offer quality Christian role models for young people. The camp staff works alongside people from our congregation and community to offer a well- supported program.

Click Here for a Typical Day

Children aged 6-12.

$75 a camper. 

July 8-12

9 am to 3 pm each day